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Better than a night out at the movies – that’s the appeal of a great home cinema. It can excite you with the latest Hollywood blockbusters, scare you with those creepy sound effects – were they from the movie, or outside the window? – and provide hours of entertainment for family and friends. We know you’re serious about movies, and want to make the most of the viewing experience at home; we are too, and that’s the whole reason behind Smart home setup magazine.

Our job is to guide you to the new hardware that will make even more of those favourite films, cut through the technobabble and hype to tell you what you need to know about the latest technologies, and make sure you know about all the latest DVD releases to show off your set-up.
every issue we promiseIn-Depth reviews of the best new hardwareHot news of the latest AV technologiesDVD reviews of the best new releasesAll you need to get more from
your Home Cinema

You want more? Every issue also includes iHome – the complete guide to networking and integrating your home, from dream installations to simple ways to make your all of your system communicate.